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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Seven predictions - national politics.

1. The worse of the Republican silly season will be over by July 21. 2016.

2. Bernie will have been done in and derailed one way or another by July 28, 2016.

3 After July 28 national presidential campaigning will shift to incessant shrill nastier-than-ever-before mudslinging ads televised during football TV broadcasts, during late night TV, and during early and mid-morning TV; with Karl Rove inexorably involved and irremovable from the worse of worse of the mudslinging but with several cutouts between Rove and the Bush son's campaign staff.

4. Before midnight November 8, 2016 there will be TV news reports suggesting possible election irregularities in urban parts of Florida causing that state's election outcome to be uncertain, the election hinging on Florida's outcome.

5. There will be added to national jurisprudence a singular case, (but not without precedent); Clinton v. Bush; decided 5 - 4 by a divided Court.

6. Sometime between No.5 and New Years's day, 2024, likely in September, probably starting the 13th, the national and globalized "domino" economy will both have tanked precipitously and without chance of recovery so that those thereafter owning long and handguns will have a survival advantage.

7. The only reprieve from the apocalyptic outcome of No. 6, would be if No. 2 does not happen followed by No. 4 and No. 5 not happening (number 3 being inevitable); with Bernie becoming a full two term President without mishap, where the rich end up finally being fairly taxed their just share without loopholes and cheating opportunity; and with birds singing sweetly and the sun shining brightly from Bernie's first day in office onward; and upon the No. 7 outcome we may rest.

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