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Thursday, September 24, 2015

With enough spin, it does not tip over, no matter the "gravity" of the situation.

It is like an inverted stability, enough spin, it stands tall, no fall.

Do you need to learn more about inversions?

Rolling Stone. A pair of pdf docs, here and here.

For more, do a websearch.

And that nice Mr. Bush, that nice Ms. Fiorina, Mr. Trump, they will look at inversions, with your best interests in mind. Ask any one of them. They will tell you don't worry.

Be happy. The fight against Planned Parenthood is going on.

Over there. Quick, quick. Look, look. Yes, yes, yes!

With, what else, a big onstage flag. Flags mean sincerity.

And - what low life would --- steal a flag?

Ad hoc, ad loc, ipso facto, quid pro quo. So little time. So much to know. (More than you can stand.)

UPDATE: Old friends, new places. Well, 2007, not so new - but have you heard of it before reading of it here? Is there any message to that? So much to know.

UPDATE: Worth a repeat. Be happy. Others might be. Americans are meant to be happy "reflective of Bush’s overall plan to dramatically cut taxes across the board in the hopes that Americans would use their newfound pocket change to buy more goods and grow the economy."

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