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Monday, September 21, 2015

Scott Walker suspends campaign, the second to drop out, joining Rick Perry.

Sample reporting; here and here.

Spinning it, two governors out, two in, one from New York, one from Florida. Let's sweep out all these cluttering governors so we can get to the nitty gritty.

Or did I miss a governor? So many ...

At least now with it hard to tell which is Rubio and which Walker, their looking alike, now that problem is gone.

The woman fired at HP, the eye surgeon, the black brain surgeon not liking Muslims, three still in along with the one guy who owns his own business - besides Carson, who before retiring owned his I'd guess -

Wait, Huckabee, another governor to flush. Almost forgot him.

And Kasich, who was in Congress too during the Reagan era, as well as a governor, but as a governor, oust him too.

Any others? Sweep house. Get the governors out with less clutter that way.

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