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Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Bigots United. How you doing, Kim. Baked you a cake. There's a hacksaw blade hidden in it. Ted will drive the getaway car.

Strib carrying the AP feed on politicians being attracted to a situation.

A funny response would be, Gee, thanks guys. I'd really like to meet with Mr. Trump.

UPDATE: Strib/AP last paragraph caught my attention:

But Davis still refused to do it, saying she could not betray her conscience or God. Bunning ruled Thursday that Davis was in contempt of court and sent her to jail. Her deputy clerks — except for her son, Nathan Davis — then issued marriage licenses to gay couples Friday with Davis behind bars.

Don't they have anti-nepotism laws in Kentucky?. My conscience allows kin on the payroll rings a bit hollow. Not to you? If not, post a comment explaining how God intended nepotism in office. If, of course, it is done as an act of conscience.

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