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Thursday, September 03, 2015

Hosting a fundraiser. Scott Honour. I thought he'd died.

Brodkorb writes at Strib on a pair of currently leading, with Lindsey Graham, Mr. Irrelevants.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie will visit Minnesota next week to raise money for his presidential campaign. Christie will attend a fundraiser on Thursday, September 10, at the Minikahda Club, said businessman Scott Honour, who is co-hosting the event with Wheelock Whitney and Bonnie Speer McGrath.

Honour described Christie as "the real leader in the room" among the Republican presidential candidates. Christie, said Honour, "has offered the most substaintive policy of any candidate."

That description from the only Minnesotan from California in the last governor's race.

I thought Christie was running on Port Authority money. My error.

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