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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Blogging suggests young Mills III will be scratching the itch.

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Gary Gross posting, here.

What is Dan Quayle doing these days?

I see Mills III, I think, Dan Quayle.

During his speech to the Beltrami County crowd, Mills thanked those who supported him in 2014.

"During the last election cycle we came so incredibly close," Mills said. "Even though election night was bittersweet, my experience running for Congress was one that left me ultimately richer. It gave me an appreciation not only of our part of Minnesota, but also the entire nation.

"We do have a magnificent America, we do have a country we can be proud of," Mills added. "But we need to make sure we have leadership in Washington D.C. that is going to keep America great. That is going to stand up for our value systems, not just here domestically, but also abroad."

The reporting and quote could have been vintage D.Q., circa G.H.W. Bush time in the White House. First Saddam war rhetoric.

D.Q and S.M.III: The one to me resonates the other out of history's dustbin.

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