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Friday, September 25, 2015

There have been two televised 2015 GOP debate/extravaganzas and there is an online transcript for each.

First, in Cleveland, CBSNews, online here.

Second, at Gipperland, Time, online here.

So, wow, you can word search "deal" to see much of Trump's activity; or follow all Bush has said to see generic platitudes with little exposure to major content that later could be used against him - while Trump talked a lot.

The Bush low-energy approach has been noted by some; but while Perry withdrew and then Walker, we will not have the pleasure of seeing any such Bush activity, pre-convention.

You can search "Iran" or search "Rosie O'Donnell" - perhaps just "Rosie" to not worry about correct last name spelling.

This WaPo link is needed if you care to wordsearch/follow all Rick Perry said, or to get the full Fiorina.

Whether future events will yield online transcripts is not knowable.

You can even search the entire transcript package to see if Ted Cruz had a kind word for anyone.

UPDATE: Another thing, for example, you could cut/paste every Fiorina utterance into a plaintext document, and word search it for "secretary." Or "father," "Judge," "Dean," "Duke," where the latter arguably noteworthy words might gain no transcript hits.

In the same spirit, a websearch = fiorina father judge dean duke secretary -- might be an interesting investment of time (where one search link is given and readers can try the same search with another search engine, or separately search = fiorina golden parachute disaster HP millions layoff outsourcing).

FURTHER UPDATE: While having a bad transcript link (unlike above in the opening paragraphs), some tracking of Fiorina utterances are explored, in an excellent Naked Capatilism post, with much clarity (although fisking "the" and "and" are left only to item headlining). [Do follow the links]

FURTHER: The last update item notes Fiorina corporate-speak; a theme echoed here.

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