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Friday, September 11, 2015

The world goes round. With Minnesota wealth the hub of the universe. [UPDATED]

This Strib link. Our Republican friends, this YouTube link.

Which one is Scott Honour? Harold Hamilton? Big Stan? Bill Cooper?

Both are each? Performers?

Being fully fair, in our spinning world with politicians, their advisors, and mainstream media all spinning with none of the others having quite the angular momentum of FOX; fairness dictates calling attention to this PiPress online item about the megabuck slush at play in CD2; both of the two parties being, or at least appearing, cash centric. Same YouTube video, both parties, all players, except possibly the under-analyzed Mr. Gerson, who might have a ton of money like all the rest, for all that's been reported of him.

Minderman has an interesting post.

Last, if you are in CD2 and feel your perspective has been abandoned by each party, blame it on having only two of them. And blame how the DC politicians, John Roberts being the worse of them, have stacked the deck so that money is the be-all and end-all defining today's feudal aristocracy, with a 99% peasantry (a key problem being so many in that massive vote-holding bloc are quaintly unaware of who they really are among the players with the cash telling them this and that).

__________FURTHER UPDATE___________
Money in politics can sometimes really stink. REALLY STINK! Learn from this Bluestem Prairie link. Are we seeing the best state senators money can buy? Let the party purge its taint. Bakk under the bus, or contribute candidate-by-candidate and stiff the party machine until Bakk's thrown under it. End of story.

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