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Sunday, September 27, 2015

What is this REAL ID garbage? It is excessive and unneeded. We have gotten from the time of Columbus onward without it, so who wants/needs it? It offends.

Homeland Security Gothic
Strib, here. Homeland Security seems run by a band of paranoids. Their budget is too big, their job security less important than citizen rights, their reach beyond reasonableness.

Orwellian asses have overstepped, and we should all wish to push back.

Repeal should be an election year issue, this early, so why isn't it?

Undo stupidity, it is not an inevitable process of the twentyfirst century.

Stupidity run amok is despotism. The voter ID amendment got a big coverage time in the sunshine. But how did this REAL ID get fobbed off on us, no referendum, no sunshine, all dark, all murky? Where was our DFL, vocal on the voter ID stupidity?

UPDATE: Do your own websearch, or start here.

FURTHER: Specific ACLU past items, here and, earlier, here.

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