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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Everyone should read this item on HuffPo, by an H.L. Goodman, about whom I know nothing beyond the item. But he succinctly says it all. Everyone should read it. EVERYONE!

This link.

I would add a number 26 -
I am so sick and tired of having a vote between two lesser evils that I cannot say so often enough. Sick of it. Big time sick and tired of it. Big time.

Next; focus on Goodman's Number 14; there is no misogyny in what I feel. I embrace that number 14 pure, simple, entirely and absolutely; but Warren has declined a run - so far.

The HuffPo linked item has a link to a website of Goodman:

Check out the website or not, as you may care, but everyone should read the HuffPo posting.


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