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Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Taking Goldman Sachs money and sitting on transcripts; Podesta; not on the lady's radar screen. No real fault of her own?

Seattle Times carrying an AP feed, the paper's opening image summarizing the item, "Hillary Clinton, photographed last month in New York, said this week she believes that 'intervening events in the last 10 days' led to her election loss to Donald Trump in November."

Norm Coleman could have said something like the last ten days (more or less) no question affected his having one term in the US Senate and nobody would dispute that; this link.

Bubba speech fees, her speech fees, withheld transcripts, Foundation money flows; all that cumulative slush over time, and last ten days? Who knows?

Them Ruskies? Or, Mirror time?

Bernie would have won. Elizabeth Warren would have won. Even Biden might have won.

Only real fact in it all; she didn't.

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