consultants are sandburs

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

"University of Minnesota departments and procedures currently undergoing internal audits this year are mostly noncompliant with University rules and regulations. The results of the annual audits of University departments and services revealed slow progress in the first review since the year’s audit plan was laid out in June. Though administrators cited a technical and complicated process as a reason for the low numbers, some regents have expressed concern over the noncompliance."

The headline runs together the opening three single-sentence paragraphs of online coverage, here.

With the U.Minn. TC campus having been motivated to scrutinize handling of funds, taxpayers who value the U. as an unquestioned community asset, while also desiring prudent handling of funds where slackness might be a problem, should find the Daily's report of interest.

No, professors should not be told to become bean counters. That is counterproductive to what their jobs really are. But somebody has to count the beans to see they're handled capably.

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