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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

SD35 - Jim Abeler campaign kickoff event, in Anoka, Oct. 6, 7 pm.

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Most people know who Jim is, but to be thorough:

Since it confused me, others might be confused also. The above press release - notice lists the website which Jim also used for the Abeler US Senate candidacy. The email address for that effort differs from the current email address for the SD35 State Senate effort.

At a guess, each email address will reach Jim or his campaign support staff, the one on the website letter to former US Senate supporters, and the new email address per the kickoff press release:

In sending checks both campaigns use the 600 E Main St, Anoka, MN 55303 address; with the current

Abeler Volunteer Committee

being the designated recipient for the current in-State effort.

In contributing it likely is best if donors unambiguously indicate whether the intent is to help debt reduction from the earlier US Senate campaign, if still applicable, or to help the present SD35 campaign.

Hopefully the UPDATE is more helpful in avoiding confusion, than in creating it.

Also, any confusion will likely be resolved in days, by Abeler and his campaign people adding to and updating the website.

_______________FURTHER UPDATE_______________
Ballotopedia, here, Jim Abeler.

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