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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Reader help needed on odds of a shutdown.

Does any reader know a Vegas or other betting house offering odds on whether the Republicans will shut the government down on the Planned Parenthood funding question; and if so, what odds are being offered?

At a guess, a betting line would be a better predictor than the guessing of political pundits on FOX; or on MSNBC.

Marco Rubio, feeling the need for product differentiation to up himself from the single digit support pit, seeks to be key demagogue on defunding Planned Parenthood, because they can. On shutting the government down. Because they can. Demagoguing against womens' health, to curry favor among the GOP fundie base. The term opportunism was used in a headline previously, applied to Fiorina on the same feed-the-fundies bent, and it applies equally to Rubio.

So what really are the odds his grandstand stunt will cause another GOP government shutdown?

I truly would like a handle on that question, so is it being bet on where oddsmakers often are better at assessing such full-moon moods than the FOX fear mongers?

Getting a bit away from that, back to Rubio and Fiorina throwing the fundies red meat, it is strange to me that a breast cancer survivor like Fiorina would oppose funding of breast cancer screening for low income women, women without the means Fiorina had to be diagnosed per regular state of the art screening, where much of that lower-income screening ends up being done in the nation via Planned Parenthood neighborhood clinics. Bilingual clinics in many instances - and Rubio should know and acknowledge that, were he completely honest about facts.

It seems harsh. Harsh on the part of Rubio,and Fiorina. Neither has proposed any workable alternate screening availability mechanisms as effective as Planned Parenthood provides, or otherwise, while demagoguing about fetal tissue for advancing medical science. Each is witch hunting for poll advancement, and each needs to be called out for it.

And Fiorina already is out of the single digit mire so she lacks Rubio's need. Nor is she prone to be grouped in the career politician camp, where Rubio is and belongs, since she never was elected to the Senate (not for lack of trying but for being a figure voters in California could not relate to as a multimillionaire saying what she did in the way she did, and with a history of massive layoffs and outsourcing thousands of HP jobs to Asia).

Her critiques are of situations where women who have had abortions - which is their choice and no business of interfering busy bodies like Rubio or Fiorina - are happy to help advance medical knowledge by donating fetal tissue to science.

Medical breakthroughs become possible, through Planned Parenthood assisting at cost the provision of otherwise discarded tissue, to science. Hence, Fiorina and Rubio are counterproductive as well as unnecessarily provocative of hatred against those already making private choices while willing to designate tissue as available to researshers.

Again, that seems harsh. For Fiorina the outsider, and for Rubio the Senate insider instigating hate and threatening orderly government continuance where veteran benefits, National Guard payments and other protections accorded the public become suspended drastically curtailed to at risk recipients. Causing such pain, in order to demagogue.

Bottom line: It is no business of Senator Rubio or millionaire Fiorina to meddle in what many ordinary women choose on a daily basis as best for themselves in their lives; in the course of which they selflessly opt for advancement of science and medical knowledge rather than seeing aborted tissue simply discarded without gain. It is wrong to suspend drastically curtail services to the public such as breast cancer screening for early detection and Fiorina as a breast cancer survivor is without excuse.

It instead is arrogant and wrongheaded - and opportunistic - of Fiorina and Rubio to claim to believe it's a calling to them to intrude. To threaten a government shutdown, and to be willing to deliver on the threat. It is not as if they lack other issues to advance their campaigning prospects.

It is not a calling to whack Planned Parenthood. In no way.

Each is demagoguing for fundie poll support to gain campaign funding contributions; dancing on the bodies of women exercising choice while also choosing to assist medical science. Both Fiorina and Rubio are advancing the absurd notion aborted tissue should be wasted instead of used sensibly in medically sound research settings. They are being cruel, calculating, and cunning, but basically, each is long-term-stupid as well as problematically meddlesome for political gain. Each, in the best of worlds, should suffer a poll number hit and a dearth of contributions to their candidacies. Unfortunately, we are not in an ideal world, but that does not mean we should not strive toward enlightenment and sound reasoning, and unfettered choice.

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