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Sunday, September 27, 2015

RAMSEY - A Mark Knopfler ballad online, as a reminder of Darren's Town Center tenure and "accomplishments" AND as a wha's happening memory refresh for present officials.

This link.

And isn't that newest shared-wall housing, north side of Hwy 116 between Rhinestone and Armstrong, special? Credit for that, it's Darren, unless I am mistaken.

Shared wall stuff went up Boom Like That.

Did anyone ever think there would be a favorable Crabgrass link to a Katherine Kersten online item?

You never know. Even a blind pig can sometimes sniff out a truffle.

So Darren's sidekick, his Tonto during his yesterday Ramsey days, Heidi Nelson who moved to town administrator elsewhere -- What to expect there? RIGHT: At a guess, upscale from what the pair left in Ramsey before leaving Ramsey. " ... on the northern shore of Lake Minnetonka ... priced from about $350 to $400 per square foot. Some of the larger units are expected to have 2,800 to 3,000 square feet ..."

If any reader has information whether Landform has gotten any recent business in Wayzeta, please leave a comment. At a guess, Tonto got to know Lone Ranger ...

UPDATE: Do any readers in Ramsey miss the citizen-input Comp Plan meetings that used to be?

This town website link. Also, here and here. For those liking compare/contrast maps; here and here.

Neat Colors. click to enlarge

The City should post an uncolored map, for town children liking coloring books.

Or try this.

Click to enlarge. Save it. Color it.

FURTHER: This link. Perhaps misinformed, but believing there is a 2040 Comp Plan being planned, would a reader help me in locating that set of materials on the City's website? The 2030 plan is there, but even, which consultant is the 2040 plan Chosen One? Transparency? It's so transparent I cannot see it. Is anything there?

Try this one yourself. I may have erred.

FURTHER: The Kersten item is headlined well, but Kersten being herself, it is ill-reasoned when it wholly ignores the nation's jobs have been and are continuing to be shipped overseas by the giant corporations she and other corporatists favor, believing they should pay little to no taxes so the miracle of trickle down may happen; and it has benefited China. Kersten is hard on those not fortunate to have retained high-paying good jobs, but has a blind eye why that pool of people is not larger and why too many people find themselves between a rock and a hard place. Wall Street greed has inflated and then conflated a housing bubble and foreclosing banks are rationing properties back into the buying market - rationing supply to maximize their return in a supply-demand situation where they hold a extraordinary share of supply. Where they can artificially boost prices by rationing from their forclosure portfolios. So, because of Kersten's base blind eye Republicanism, she ignores obvious facts a fifth grader can spot.

If the jobs go to China, they are not here, regardless of what people would want for their families and are willing to work hard to attain. To Kersten, they are sufferers of government and only that because she declines entirely to focus on those who are the beneficaries of lobbyists and the best elected officials money can buy. Instead, blame the little guy, for being little, once the option of blaming the big guy for being too greedily big is taken off the Kersten intellectual table. Government is problematic, but hardly in the way Kersten sees things. And billionaire Trump will fix that. And pigs WILL fly. Just be patient, to wait and see them airborne before your eyes. Sometime. In the future.

Kersten comprehends Met Council as flawed, properly so, but she will not face the giant problem behind that problem, because of her biased world and national view.

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