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Sunday, September 27, 2015

GOP presidential next-exit guesses; the not with a bang but a whimper polls. Reports online offer three GOP barely-contender names. Follow the links, find these names named.

Trump is winnowing the field by staying up in polling, plus steady on TV broadcasting time. Bush is remaining for when Trump says something too absurd to continue. When he ... is the question, not will he.

International Business Times and Politico, here and here respectively, tell the nearly identical story, including Rand Paul needing to attend to reelection to the Senate.

Swagger rules, except Bush will outlast Trump, so swagger only goes so far. Then negative - ugly negative - campaiening will happen with Bush shrugging, saying, "I wonder who is doing that." Karl Rove will be some place unreachable, but at work. Rove in his place and all's right with their world.

UPDATE: Only partly related, an "and the Pope is Catholic" item.

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