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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Trump syncophant, Carl Ichan, says: danger ahead. -- The YouTube - Ichan video says so. So the question is there really danger ahead? Or just the partially disguised "Support Trump" message, with danger to that? The video curiously hitting the web when, lo, the Donald of the United States floats a "tax plan." Watch the video, decide how to regard it. A few links to it.

This YouTube link.

Links: Reuters, CNN Money, USA Today, Business Insider, even

Trust it? You decide. But a 15% repatriation holiday? Is that good for the nation at all, or only good for the corporations wanting to move money around the globe, including back into the US?

UPDATE: Two more links; Bloomberg, Zero Hedge (embedding the full video).

FURTHER: Trump's Syrian policy per most recent Trump reporting, Reuters and Zero Hedge.

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