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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Young Turks has a reporter on the ground at the Billings Quist GOTV rally.

This video. Seeing a young deadhead being interviewed who says he's been a GOTV activist was an interesting choice of crowd members to single out for attention. As older Montanans streamed past behind the interview where they were not sought out as people to address, or if interviewed, an editorial decision was made. There was editorializing, by first focus being on Bernie, not the candidate. This was a QUIST rally, and Bernie's office is secure in the Senate. This was a rally aimed toward sending a quality progressive to Congress on behalf of the people of Montana and that flavor did not come through strongly enough in how Young Turks handled coverage.

Nationwide and international attention would be on the shared goals and worldviews of Quist and Sanders, that part was correctly covered, but for Montana it was a Quist rally and Sanders helping. The excerpting of soundbites from the rally was interesting. That part was handled well enough but again, Quist is the candiate and beyond a poem touching the public lands issue, he was too ignored and marginalized. It was a conscious Bernie piece from the editorial perspective of the outlet and it was not subtly so.

It was not nuanced TYT coverage, but it is national news other outlets seem to marginalize while the first stage Georgia election was roundly covered, mainstream. This is not the Kansas situation. The grassroots have contributed and the campaign is very very well staffed, as Quist noted in saying he had the best campaign staff possible, in part because his is the only election going. It is good he said that, in that way. The man bleeds honesty. Whether that's Montana candor, or personal, it is an endearing charm.

As the Thursday, May 25, election day approaches, the Team Quist YouTube channel gets updated daily, with two rally segments now posted [besides the link here, top sidebar, click the image, reach that site]. This is a YouTube page screencapture from a part of one of the new videos; and even with their backs to the camera, can you tell which is Rob, which is Bernie? (One hint given: If you need to enlarge the image to say which is which, have an eye exam.)

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