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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

THE HILL: Pence records robocall for GOP candidate ahead of Montana special election

Fitting. The man's a robot, so what better role than a robo call? There probably is a GOTV fools list of registered Republicans set to be called.

At least his dog in the hunt, Gianforte is not a robot. As said earlier swapping the two, Pence the candidate, Gianforte the vice president would be an improvement, but faint praise is what it is.

Rob Quist is the better man than Pence and Gianforte together, throw in Paul Ryan, still Quist is more than a cowboy hat taller than that troika.

Rob Quist will enhance and not imperil the health and access to pharmaceuticals and care of the nation, Montana and the rest of the nation together getting better representation. Every Quist vote will be important because Republican GOTV tactics have been honed to sell a bill of goods to the unsuspecting.

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