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Saturday, May 20, 2017

MONTANA SPECIAL ELECTION: Marijuana - desperate candidate reaches for non-issue?

A NORML post led to this websearch. What is interesting (in stuff about what should in all good sense be decriminalized nationwide as Washington and Colorado have done), is that truly damning evidence is among the returns:

Because Missoulian headlining spanned two issues the damning notice about Gianforte's wanting government overreach and intrusion, his way, got in the search retrun list. Absent running two issues together, the GG policy offensiveness, given the search terms, would have not been returned in the search. However, women's health assistance is not something the government should have its nose into, beyond funding it as a public good, and another thing the public is coming around to realize from experience and thought, is that marijuana use is private and should properly be fully removed from government interference.

The Republicans are troglodytes and should be scorned for it. Ask Rand Pual. He scorns the intrusion of criminalizing marijuana. As a doctor and as one concerned with personal privacy and -

- smoked weed the man did -
What Ginaforte idiot thinks this will be a last moment decisive issue? Ask Norm Coleman, (the chair of the PAC running the hate-Quist advertisements Montanans suffer), whether he in his pre-GOP college bullhorn-agitator days ever tasted the weed. Don't expect a straight answer, but ask.

Gianforte is two-faced on the Republican effort to wreck healthcare from where it is when sanity is single payer; and gee Greg, Rob has used weed? Who are these people? What they are is no mystery. A clear and present danger, but who, besides Greg, the Trump kid, and Pence trying to get their leaky balloon airborne? You'd think they'd have the hot air, but they're grounded.

Quist is such a better choice the surprise is that he's not seventeen percentage points ahead.

Job outsourcing facilitation for big money, and the litigation of Gianforte to impede public access to a stream matter. Weed should not. From NORML's item cited in opening:

It seems a bottom line that Ginaforte has no real respect for privacy or needs of others, wanting big government but in his preferred ways, while wanting to go to DC to cut his taxes and be closer to the lobbyists he now phones. His phone call, basically stripped to its nub, great that healthcare stuff's been moved, now let's get to important stuff, cut my taxes.

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