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Sunday, May 07, 2017

Minnesota's SD35 DFL is doing fund raising. I got a letter in today's mail.

Anyone supporting the DFL being organized and stronger in the district should contribute and I urge readers to do so.

That is apart from me. I am not advocating anyone to follow suit, but I am awaiting actual candidacies, and those candidates who will tie their effort to the platform and effort of either Our Revolution or Justice Democrats shall get my individualized contribution. I am limited in what I can afford to contribute and have defined my prioritization.

I know there are Democrats in SD35 more affluent than I am, and not as strongly motivated to follow Our Revolution or Justice Democrats as I am, and they are urged, here, strongly, to give what they should to the SD35 organization.

Those thinking as I do, are urged to contribute accordingly, as I shall, and have, for the Rob Quist Montana candidacy and later for others endorsed as noted. But one size does not fit all, and the District has fought well in the past against discouraging local demographics.

In the best of worlds, SD35 will be endorsing candidates who also have the Our Revolution and Justice Democrat bond.

THIS is the platform I would be overjoyed to see District caucusing embrace, with candidate endorsements suitably allied to it.

For that we wait and see. At this time Justice Democrats has the platform, but I see no candidate endorsements going with it, while Our Revolution has endorsed some in Minnesota, but not within SD35.

To make the Democratic Party relevant again, it will take long time local district activists working with new social democratic people, especially among the young who are the future of the nation and the base of any future of the Democratic party. Energized young people have to be embraced, not shunned, and that might mean some of the regulars moving to unequivocal progressive stances and pushing that approach aggressively against any foot dragging established counter priorities.

If I were to get an SD35 mailing stating leadership unhesitatingly embraces THIS platform, I'd cut a check in the hope that caucusing would end up likewise aligned.

A bellweather indicator, the DNC voted to continue to take lobbyist and corporate money. From my standpoint, that means they don't want mine and will not get a penny of it.

UPDATE: To contribute:

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