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Friday, May 05, 2017

Minnesota's CD3 = a Republican entrenched corporatist properly getting keelhauled for a Congressional vote ghastly against the public interest. AND - use the proper term for his transgression, voting for: RYANCARE. Trump is only a tepid fellow traveler on that issue. Pence is the WH team guy who's gung-ho for Ryan's agenda, including Ryancare, and more.

CityPages, here. An opening screenshot, but go to the link, because it includes a thread of voter reaction.

click the image to enlarge and read
Paulsen is the worse of the GOP corporatists, except for Trump, who campaigned as a Tea Party freshness, then in office proved he was a corporatist who lies well. Paulsen doesn't even try that pretense. Many, many voters need scales to fall from their eyes.

In CP coverage, a later paragraph indicates Paulsen's Republican inner party loyalty amounted to his having stepped on a body part:

Within a couple hours of Thursday's vote, Paulsen's Facebook page was flooded with furious commenters, a number of whom specified they live in his suburban Twin Cities swing district. As of early Friday morning, the response to Paulsen's statement numbered 1,300 comments. Almost all are negative. Many are telling Paulsen he won't be back for a sixth term in Congress.

[link in original] We need an Our Revolution Democrat to show up in 2018, to win a Dem primary, and to put this miserable trainwreck to the general election test he and his ilk need.

Some in that CP posted Facebook thread showed peeved but measured opinion, others spoke more frankly, from the heart, e.g., this cut from the CP parade (click the thumbnail to read):

Sometimes - the windshield - sometimes the bug. Bug, this time EP. Not the Liousville Slugger this time, EP. The ball.

(Here's hoping that keel is peppered with barnacles for this keelhauling. He's deserving.)

Soon our parked so far in Congress EP may be giving post-Congress paid speeches, at Medtronic, wall street, whoever books the act.

Surely, Obamacare, (putting Romneycare in place on a nationwide federal basis), is deficient. A kludge and a failure in so many ways, a sop to big pharma, a sop to HMOs, and a sop to insurance chiselers who all funded Obama and the lion's share of both houses of Congress. So, folks, wise up and elect Berniecrats into a majority and into the White House so that single payer healthcare as a right can finally be put in place in the richest nation history has ever seen.

Make frozen into a dismal job because of non-transferability of healthcare terms a thing of the past. Move to job mobility-unfettered, and to coverage even when out of a job.

__________FURTHER UPDATE__________
Do not forget, Scrooge had Cratchet right where he wanted him.

"By the cratchet."

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