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Friday, May 05, 2017

Laughingstock. Distraction "news."

YouTube. Also, same theme, more Maddow centric; in two parts, here and here.

And then, the bad guys at RT, Russians and fellow travelers, explain that NSA still bulk collects; but disarms cause to worry because they're the bad guys and want NSA to spy on us? Or are they just making sense?

In chronological order,

NSA data gathering too big to be efficient: ‘Like having to drink ten liters of water at once’ - Published time: 1 Jul, 2015 14:14

NSA totally dysfunctional – too much data to detect threats’ – whistleblower Published time: 5 May, 2016 09:06

NSA collected over 151mn phone records in 2016 despite surveillance law changes - Published time: 3 May, 2017 10:26

Now, the part of the argument those pesky Ruskies ignore; collecting that much with crude data mining methods applied to it, you should feel very worried over fuck-ups. Nice clip, with this for those who've not seen the entire film.

As in mistakes happen, and with a greater level of "dysfunctional" ways and means; there arises the greater probability of a Buttle-Tuttle mistake snarling YOU and not the Buttles down the street, or one floor below.

Did I say, laughingstock? The problem is we have to live with it. Neocon, 1899 version. And hello Syria, we will unburden you. Did it already in Libya. Iraq. Nations of ingrates. Half devil and half child.

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