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Saturday, May 06, 2017

Dominionism [UPDATED]

What it is and the worry for secularists, agnostics, athiests, and people who dislike bigotry and/or have loyalty to the anti-establishment clause of the First Amendment: links here, here, here and Wikipedia, here. In terms of personal specificity, here.

That should be enough to give most people a flavor, if not a bad taste.

Dominionists do not openly declare themselves for what they are, nor do they wear badges or distinctive branding.

It could in one sense, the sense of anonymity, be analogized to carrying a pocket medallion RUAK on one side, IMAK on the other, while not outwardly showing any indicia of what if any group membership or kindred allegiance might exist. For all I know, Dominionists carry pocket medals. They could look like this, painted on lettering, or stamped:

Maybe they have their bloodtype tattooed under the left armpit. I cannot say they do or don't; it's an unknown to me.

They should. In case they're in an accident.

Chris Hedges, C-SPAN, a lecture centered on Hedges' book, American Fascists: The Christian Right and the War on America, see, e.g., the Google Books entry, here. It is an hour long video, and there is much more online, for readers wanting to search, linking to the threat of the so-called "Christian" right. Because much of it appears clownish, it should nonetheless be considered because of the reach of things such as NAR, which is a topic of websearching by itself, e.g., , this web search, or this, and a trash publication industry, e.g., here and here. How widespread is the menace? It is hard to know, from outside of it, and it is so grudgingly tedious to consider that most regular people know little of it and view it askance as a total waste of time to delve into. Chris Hedges, seeing a menace, took the time; so check his C-SPAN lecture. They would be idiots on parade, but for the seriousness of their agenda, if they win.

____________FURTHER UPDATE__________
Hello, Mike Pence. Hello, Bob Mercer. Hello, Ted Cruz. Patriot Pastors. Following links from that websearch, sites here, here, and a video. It is interesting how early in the presentation Hedges notes that homosexual intolerance is/has been the first camel's nose under the tent, in moving against freedoms and privacy, suggesting an importance in protecting civil rights of ALL.

____________FURTHER UPDATE____________
"People of high character" is a topic Hedges notes. General Flynn, Ms. LePen, who?

____________FURTHER UPDATE____________
This link. Even tee shirts exist suggesting tolerance might have limits if we wisely channel "GOD"

The tee shirt is longer. YOU may be added, next silk screening.

And if GOD's slow in judging, we can expedite.

______________FINAL UPDATE____________
The Chris Hedges - C-SPAN video, please watch it. The questioning period is as enlightened as the main beginning presentation, questioning and answers being about half of the item.

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