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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

"Chick cars," and "muscle cars."

Aside from politics, with the CEO of General Motors female, there is, after ten years, a new Acura NSX, with a young woman having been lead exterior designer. For an automobile to go from concept to production, even limited edition, it is like a tennis match between design and engineering - what is a statement of best appeal, aerodynamics integrity, and rigidity and performance. Ball going from one court to the other.

Too much of reporting on automobile world events is shallow and tacky. This video report on the NSX is well done, no blaring bad background music, and it gives me a better view of Jay Leno than when he was a late night talk show persona.

So, given past terminology, is the NSX and all GM produces now in the "chick car" category?

Tune time.

Ted Klaus was lead project person, with Michelle Christensen, in the video, speaking as the lead exterior designer. In another item seen on TV yesterday, she was interviewed and noted always as a child she was drawing, horses and dresses, and then her dad took her to an auto show . . . There was a bit more bio there, but it's not on YouTube anywhere I could find. She has a Wikipedia page and web presence.

At a guess she'd not be offended by the tune time choice, nor would Tulsi Gabbard or Elizabeth Warren.

Also, the car looks good in red.

At a bet, every member of each house of Congress could afford one, but imagining Mitch McConnell in one . . .

UPDATE: With a photo gallery in red, and source of the image, this link.

And it's a kind of hybrid, AWD.

FURTHER: Having to get political . . .

, , , smarter than the man at least one way.

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