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Thursday, May 04, 2017

A local paper reports local news -- Where does healthcare money go in the US of A? Besides jacked up pharmaceuticals pricing? At a guess some does go to actually providing healthcare --

UnitedHealthcare is headquartered in Minnesota's Twin Cities burbs:

Opening screen capture. The devil is also in the details.

Money, hand over fist, not going to any health services provision. Making the big cat fatter. Doubtlessly it is seen as efficient in DC, there being people who can explain that stuff well. They register as lobbyists. To lobby.

Those lobbyists likely have several thousand reasons to say single payer government provided healthcare as a right; is nobody's right actually, except Hemsley's. It's in his contract. A contract right, not an inalienable human right. It could be viewed as the top fat cat's inhuman right. It needs adjustment.

Don't expect positive adjustment from Paul Ryan. Pigs flying happens before Paul Ryan shows decency.

Please read the entire report. Business as usual. People die.

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