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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Montana Special Election: Do you bet whether Gianforte and Pence hold an outdoor rally, and is an outdoor rally more likely with Rob Quist and Bernie?

Sure, it's a minor point but wih Montanans loving the outdoors, the public lands and enjoyment there, and with much else already written and rewritten, two images from Flathead Beacon, here. Compare the images here and here. Gianforte looks like he could use a little sunlight. Taking the question further; websearches, here and here.

Sure it is a mainly irrelevant point. Perhaps where people get out to hear a candidate, they may be more likely to get out and vote; but the truth is polling places are indoors.

It is more a difference in style than anything else. Have you seen any Gianforte photos of him wearing a hat, indoors or out?

As in, has anyone seen Ginaforte trying to sing? And what kind of a museum would you guess Rob Quist might fund, were he to have the wealth positions reversed?

A fact is style and mannerisms "say" something about people whether you believe the words they utter, or not.

That is a digression. It will be interesting to see what vigor Mike Pence might add to the Gianforte effort. Same for Bernie visiting to meet Quist and the people at his rallies.

Will Pence bring a cap for Gianforte?

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