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Monday, May 08, 2017

DCCC does a negative 30sec. ad in Montana against Greg Gianforte.

As a bet the people that do that creepy voiceover for such ads, of either gender, make a ton of cash every election.

Readers can view the ad on YouTube, and while critical of Gianforte, nothing in the item is untrue.

He is wealthy and bought riverfront Montana land and put up a McMansion. And he did sue over public access to the identical stream his property fronts. And he did move to Montana, but that was 25 years ago and he started and sold a software firm providing some jobs while mainly enhancing his wealth beyond what it was when he moved from New Jersey.

Not in the ad, the Republican talks platitudes that are vague and hence voters have to stand unsure of what he'd do if sent to DC. They are left to infer he'd do what other GOP millionaires in Congress have done, and that's what's best for themselves with little to no regard for pressing needs of others less affluent. Not that he'd ever say that.

That is a DCCC ad. Not one posted or funded by the Quist campaign.

Run ads for Rob Quist.
He has much to recommend him. He's from Montana, and knows ranching and farming and has the vision of Montana becoming an exporter of renewable energy into the power grid with jobs arising from instillation and maintenance of solar and wind power.

Montana gets sunlight and has wind, and needs the jobs.

That sort of thing, together with a closeness to the many Montanans living paycheck-to-paycheck, keeping the ranch not giving up, not cashing out. Encountering bumps along the road, overcoming adversities, raising a talented and outstanding family.

Having toured, Rob Quist knows how to meet and understand people. Quickly and not in any artificial way. He is as genuine "Montana history as his hat and music are. He has brought joy to many people with his music, without any outsourcing of a single job anywhere from his life's work.

Quist is not offering a policy of theocracy and tax breaks for wealthy people. He values Montana freedoms and wants everyone to have a better and fairer life.

But the DCCC has its ad formula.

Berniecrats back Rob Quist. And Bernie has a message that focuses on policy goals that will help regular people of average incomes wanting freedom from healthcare abuses. Healthcare for a spectrum of women's needs and as a right, for all. It is what Quist believes and the reason last presidential cycle he supported Bernie's run and how they share common, positive goals.

These are clear and simple truths. Because of the positive things Quist stands for he need not regard the specifics of Greg Gianforte's portfolio, except its size, how much of it is "buy American," and what tax breaks the man with the ton of money wants for himself and his portfolio, and for equally wealthy people were he to hold a position of power in the nation's Capital. The last point, about the portfolio and resultant aims of one having one of that size is not a grudge against Gianforte, but having goals for the people who need tax revenue at the federal level to be applied in the ways Quist and his many Berniecrat campaign donors suggest as proper. For the needs of the rest of us, with the 1% paying a fair share without avoidance tricks and loopholes. And with corporate and lobbyist money NOT allowed to be spent to buy elections to benefit elitists or to worsen a status quo.

While the DCCC has a separate policy and runs separate ads independent of the Quist campaign; the bottom line is look at Rob Quist and the positives he offers above and beyond the things the Republican wants for his Republican "constituency."


In the last few days before the May 25 election, any Berniecrat who has not yet given to the Quist campaign, or who has the wherewithal to give more, should send a check or use ActBlue:

From the Quist campaign page

go to the contribution page and use ActBlue

- or -

snail mail:

Rob Quist Congressional Campaign
PO Box 1917 Kalispell, MT 59903

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