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Friday, February 17, 2017

What's in it for Tomassoni?

Who'd expect him to have laudable motives? The inexperienced. But who else?

And where Tomassoni is; Bakk is not far removed. Or that's been a pattern a betting man might trust.

This link.

UPDATE: Some may find it interesting that Aaron Brown reported Nolan as a possible Gov candidate; January 11, 2017. Has any reader an earlier hint of a candidacy? Given Aaron's insight a month ago; this new letter to draft the man already a month ago noted as interested, seems to not need too much of a push to convince the man to move. It looks more like a trial balloon than a "Let's draft" out of the blue by a band of loose thinkers.

The one thing strongly in Nolan's favor; Brown reported he was a Bernie supporter. If he runs as a Justice Democrat, endorsed by Our Revolution that makes it a different story than running as somebody Tomassoni touts. A difference between night and day. Bernie being day. But how can you reconcile the two? The gulf between Tiomassoni and Bernie is so great that Nolan cannot handle that straddle. Pick a side, sir. Darkness or light. They don't mix.

There is Becky Otto, who's not on Tomassoni's short love list. Otto is on his other list; which cuts strongly in her favor.

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