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Monday, February 06, 2017

Tom Perez gets Young Turks attention.

Here. Here.


Perez is walking the plank, perhaps without knowing it. The money is an issue. What DNC money is crony consultancy fee ginning, what gets back to the states to help grassroot state and local campaigning. Not citizens donating to enrich DC beltway insiders, i.e., crony consultants.

It is a valid question. But beyond that, Perez has no credibility beyond the entrenched ones who - get this - ran a candidate so compromised and unappealing that Donald Trump is president. And they want to plug on. Perez needs to be told no; or state and local candidates will suffer.

For now, all politics is local means all contributions from the grassroots should be local. Pick the candidates, starve the DNC beast if Tom Perez is installed to be Debbie of the other gender.

A Tom Perez cramdown will be a disaster. Make that a continuing disaster. The Big Muddy besides being a song is a learning device.

Justice Democrats - do they have a list? Listen for the discussion of closed primaries. It would be like closed caucusing in Minnesota's DFL procedures. Sure, you can close out young people, independents, but then live with losing elections and losing spoils. It's not rocket science. It's adapt or extinction.

More important, will they prosper at state and local levels, to keep the party alive, despite Tom Perez and fellow travelers. If the Justice Democrats are rejected at the state and local level, young blood will not be enrolled, and the people as well as the Democratic Party will suffer.

Tom Perez wins, I will cut checks on a very, very limited basis. On the primary challenges, perhaps one or another person. But either there is movement or the spoils continue to be held by Republicans, as will be recognized by the big money players who will overfund the Republicans to the point that even the sell-out Democrats will trail and fail. As would be merited.

Refusal to accept reality: Robby spins like a top. The counter explanation in the video carries the day; despite the stridency of much of it. The best practice is if the establishment will join and help as junior parners, their help will not be rejected. Good passengers in the car where the right driver is driving should not be scapegoated. But they have to yield, and not take lobbyist/corporate/billionaire money. The grassroots supported the Sanders effort. If you are with the team and will help, you should be made to feel welcome as a helper, on the don't take big donor money and then serve big donors instead of the people. The driver's seat has to be yielded to those who will actually run for and then represent popular aims and desires; and not be beholden to big money and govern then in the interests of big money. That's Repubican. And imitating that in the other party is a dog chasing its tail instead of chasing the burglar who just took all the family's goods - and then came back to also take the dog.

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