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Friday, February 17, 2017

Only an idiot or a shyster would not own up to a simple question when asked one.

This link. Two answers, neither rocket science. Yes, being one. No, being the other.

Candor will lead the lost children to the promised land. Perez could not do that even if handed a road map. He'd have to check with the Clintons about any road map handed him.

Beltway man, why are you doing this?

Now, readers: If you want to see unaldurated caviling and servility, then read this.

Diogenes weeps. Snuffs out his lamp and walks away.

Can this individual be trusted with actual responsibility? Will he inspire young blood into a moribund machine? Does he even care to?

Three "no" questions in a row. Simple questions, clear answers. Three strikes and out used to be the rule. The sole problem is the 447 who have a vote, and whether they'd rather circle the wagons and lose more but their way, or open up to of all things, popular needs and ideas instead of slanted money interests buying future favors; with those interests already currently having each of the two parties to service that inclination and to be played off one against the other, Trump flavor, Clinton flavor. No flavor.

The people, they have no party; but there is promise one may HONESTLY turn to them, and they in turn, young especially who are less easily deluded and less easily compromised, as well as long-time party workers, including union special interests who need to widen greatly their interest in and solidarity with all labor; not just their bargaining unit's leadership; their contract; their pension fund.

Will the beast change? We'll see. In the meantime, MinnPost has an interesting item on chasing sound DNC leadership; while in parallel MinnPost has another one of Curly, Larry, and Moe; the alternative to change.

CHANGE beyond cynical sloganeering. The real deal. We need it.

Last, Curly, Larry and Moe, left to right:

Moe is the mean and nasty bossy one. The others,sub-stooges.
Curly sells steaks, ties;  Larry loves Jesus; Moe even lies about his marathon time.
Reuters image, posted at this MinnPost link.

More MinnPost; re Curly's tax returns; and Erik Paulsen's studied disinterest in same.

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