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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Sam Ronan.

At the DNC candidate convention to start the ball rolling. Than, a productive "aggressive progressive" conversation.

Substance. Less rant than other YouTube. More substance. At the tail end of the presentation - Ronan does not say it this way exactly - but what about a general strike? Three days. Four. Make a point. It can be done. A good old fashion stop working effort. It was why Martin Luther King Jr. went to Memphis. The sanitation workers' strike. Unfortunately, why he got shot. There was also killing at Kent State and Jackson State. Sad, but shooting people who speak up works. Nobody went to jail for Kent State, Jackson State. They put up a marker. Big deal. This link; word search = Kent State, down list, as if someone's afterthought. That is Hallowed Ground. People have to awaken.

This video.

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