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Thursday, February 02, 2017


Having a more amenable climate than Twin Cities, mid-winter, Seattle has a larger homelessness problem.

The fundamental question: Doesn't the nation owe its people more than this? Why is homelessness at all tolerated?

The gulf between Bill Gates and ordinary folks has gained much commentary; but homeless people don't vote. Also, for the cynically wealthy, their presence among us keeps the paycheck-to-paycheck people docile and amenable to management as wealth sees fit.

It is barbaric that homelessness is allowed. It is sinful of government and those in government to not fix the problem while every element of death merchandise produced by our nation is priced dearly. How many F-35 order cancellations would be needed to fix homelessness?

People in Washington State are at least facing the fact they have a problem; this item, stating in part:

Nearly 40,000 Washington students were homeless last school year, a 12 percent increase from the year before.

According to the state superintendent's office, the number of homeless students grew in the 2015-16 school year statewide, doubling in 21 school districts. Statewide, about 4 percent of students experienced homelessness last year.

Under the federal McKinney-Vento Act, a student is considered homeless if he or she lacks a regular and adequate place to sleep at night. This figure includes students who sleep in shelters, motels, hotels or at someone else's home.

In King and Snohomish counties, the number of homeless students grew 16 percent. The districts with the greatest percentage increases were Monroe, with a 71 percent jump, and Marysville, with a 67 percent increase.

King and Snohomish Counties are a major part of the metro Seattle area. Note "the federal McKinney-Vento Act" being mentioned.

That's Bruce Vento, whose life was lost at too young an age, with the safe seat he held being far less auspiciously held by Betty McCollum.

Is there any act with "McCollum" in its title? Has McCollum done jack about threats to the Boundary Waters?

What have you done for me lately?
Ever? Wikipedia.
If the Justice Democrats are looking for a cozy cushy office occupant with little to show, to be primaried, McCollum had best wake up and get her as act in gear, for Justice actively, (or against it passively is the question). If there is anyone with zippo to lose in advocating for the homeless, it is Betty McCollum. Her district's security was so tight that when Michele Bachmamm was redistricted into it, Bachmann continued to run CD6. McCollum, do something. Anything of note. Please. Or be Justiced out of office to the sidelines. You read it here first. Her lack of interest in the question does an injustice to the predecessor whose name is affixed to the "McKinney-Vento Act."

Sorry to say, Wikipedia's taking notice of small things shows how small things can get:

McCollum made headlines in February 2011 when she voted to end military sponsorship of NASCAR teams. The amendment failed 148-241.

Rome is burning and what? Please, please do something to honor the Vento legacy. She did activly support clean energy. There is that. The rest seems to be a holding action rather than any imaginative thing, whatsoever.

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