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Saturday, February 04, 2017

The establishment has not stood and delivered.

So says the pundit of the right; this Grizzly PAC video, at min 2:00 to 2:30.

I agree they should. In the traditional sense of the phrase. Duh.

To understand demogougory, in something longer than a tweet, there is this:

Beyond the system having to stand and deliver, watch the entire Grizzly thing, especially the dump on Romney, did not serve, five sons who did not serve, and make the mental switch, substitute "Trump" for "Romney" and then wonder about how much this Bannon gentleman respects his present commander in chief? Other than as a tool and outlet for his own purposes.

So, what's the bond? Useful idiot? Bannon has compared himself to Lenin, whose use of that term is history. Is there disingenuity afoot? Dissembling?

Power, some say, corrupts. Others start corrupt and are attracted to power like iron to a magnet. Which of those camps does Bannon follow?

Another video.

Fearmongering out-trumping Trump. Because he can.

Back to the Goering image/quote: You need an enemy to get the folks both riled and in line. Patriotic and not standing in the way. In Bannon land, at the Grizzly thing, there was the Republican establishment. If you've more recently hitched your wagon to a star, sitting in the establishment's commander in chief's new glory; antiestablishment needs rethinking; so try "radical Islam." Check out current content, It's rousing, to have an enemy.

You'd think Samuel Huntgington was writing Bannon's Breitbart stuff; toned and targeted for the mass market of course, not academia, but clash of civilizations message consistency nonetheless. Huntington of the Carter NSC, in there with Zbiggy B (with an interesting sidetrack, true or false). Obama's eight years are over, Afghanistan continued throughout and continues still, and changed rhetoric in Bannon might have only a minor actual effect on policy and warmongering, (but for more of the latter and more simplicity of the former).

Having an enemy is a focus for hate and bile. Joe McCarthy and his aide Roy Cohn understood that. Reds under every rock.

Enemy-hate bonds like-feeling persons into a mob mentality. It is Bannon, and where it ends is troubling to foresee, the more we can foresee it. Not difficult in the sense of uncertain, but difficult in the sense of anticipating the hardship from the quagmire at the end of Bannon's road.

With Bannon, if you don't hate you don't rate. It's his life trip. Where he's been, where he's going, and he wants company.

Yet, wait. There's more (alternate video post, same video). Number invention by Chicken Little. By the trillions. Here, there, everywhere. So, Bannon/Trump will rescue us from black doom to great again. Bingo. Like that. Trump who's interchangeable with Romney in the other "Hi ya, Tea lovers, partiers," video. This video is marketing to a different Gestalt. Same stuff, different package.

All the death industry tech, it will be funded, despite allegations of dire straits. Magic. Trust Trump. Or what?

Fourth crisis, Fourth turning - at about 10:40 min. into the spiel. A consideration: Fourth Reich?

Mention at about 21:30, the man makes movies.

Amy Goodman. Young Turks. Mark Cuban.

Bannon, the speaker, is clearly smoother than the likes of Chris Hayes, but is he nonetheless a false messenger? Or a Messiah?

Bannon surely jumped the Trump wagon when opportunity arose, but are Messiahs not opportunistic? If false flagged, they present Trojan Horses, to be taken proudly within town walls. Whether legit or not, they will not succeed if viewed as Cassandras. Bannon in speaking to his like-minded is more gile while Trump is more bluster, the latter being perhaps ingrained in personality, or tailored to the audience, we can only guess. He's a theater actor.

Do watch Bannon's online "miserable over-privileged hippies - let's shoot an Easy Rider" movie. Or as much as you can tolerate, it's aimed at a different audience than here. Yet to judge Bannon, where he is going is reflected by where he's chosen to have been. And judge less you be misjudged and trumped. As a bonus, note his movie is a Citizens United production. And he's not a smooth movie mogul, by choice, more an alarmist in that genre. Including an incredibly offensive and intrusive soundtrack that only a bad propagandist could love. Indeed, movie making was a grounding for the Supremes to do as they did; a grounding for the Citizens United outcome. Bossie takinng the credit in the film's ending credits. More Breitbaqt, for what it is. Unsound, as documentary, engineered as propaganda.

Bannon must find it galling that for all his movie effort, Birth of a Nation is more enduring as landmark film. Let the circle be unbroken.

More. Here and here.

All to be said here about Bannon has been said, unless the uncertainty of the future produces irresistible grist for the mill. This is, after all, Trump's identified key strategist. The claim, however, is Trump writes his own tweets. Whether a tweet requires a strategy session before release, or not, is not something many of us are privy to, and it seems best that way.

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