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Friday, February 17, 2017

The what if game.

What if it was Pence that green-lighted Flynn to talk to the Russians; and Flynn, unlike John Dean in earlier times, willingly became the fall guy?

The universal din from mainstream press is Flynn's error was lack of candor with Pence; and not whether Pence knew he was being untruthful when he said "Flynn's okay."

Why is that, as a possibility, not being discussed?

Some might rather trust a general than a politician. A general, used to chain of command, likely was green-lighted by somebody. Bannon perhaps. The Mercers? Was Pence in Flynn's chain of command, i.e., who did Flynn report to? Trump directly?

Who had prior knowledge of Flynn talking by phone with Russians; and why did they think the spooks would not be listening and/or not happily leaking what they'd heard? They had to know the spools felt a cause to hold a grudge. The spook nation had an invested ongoing "Russian perspective" that being diplomatically engaged with the Russians had to be from a set of fixed premises, which Flynn did not hold in concert with spook nation. At least apparently so. Trump stating that the leaking process, its motivations, is worth inquiry is not an unreasonable thing to add to deliberations. Not to deflect from, "Who authorized Flynn," but as an ancillary point of interest.

What did Pence really know, and when did he know it?

Sound familiar?

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