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Wednesday, February 08, 2017

DeVos affirmed, Pence casting the tie-breaker. Start with a bumper sticker and its history. End with Justice Democrats. By a cause/effect analysis. And, bless the nurses who do not need to relearn general decency.

If teachers cannot learn, Trump has eight years, Pence after him. Bumper sticker - still on the web, at what seems a non-remaindered price.

There is a ton of stuff still in inventory apparently, at what seem non-remaindered prices, the identical theme/wording; and with a nearly same riff or two added; one playing the unsuccessful gender card.

Admittedly a limited online reporting sampling; a premature top-down endorsement bias, all the problems with the Clinton/Podesta cramdown, the "pro-worker" lie (Podesta followed his money) but oh well; failure to back a candidate who would hammer at the truth about the achievement gap; and last, learn from the nurses in their having less narrowed aims - clearer minds, broader goals and better hearts.

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History teaches:

Teachers Union Backs Clinton for President -- The National Education Association follows the American Federation of Teachers in endorsing the Democratic front-runner.
By Lauren Camera - Education Reporter Oct. 3, 2015, at 2:45 p.m.

The 3 million-member National Education Association endorsed Hillary Clinton for president Saturday, giving her the support of both national teachers unions – powerful and cash-flush allies – ahead of the primary elections.

[...] the backing comes at a crucial time for the former secretary of state, whose poll numbers are still suffering from her controversial use of a private server to send and receive State Department emails. And new fundraising figures released Thursday show Sen. Bernie Sanders, a Vermont independent and Democratic presidential challenger, raked in nearly the same amount as Clinton last quarter.

“I’ve stood with educators throughout my career—from my early days working at the Children’s Defense Fund to my success creating a new teacher recruitment program in the Senate,” said Clinton in a statement. “As president, I will fight to defend workers’ right to organize and unions’ right to bargain collectively, and I will ensure that teachers always have a voice and a seat at the table in making decisions that impact their work."

During the 2012 presidential race, the political action committees for teachers unions spent around $23 million supporting President Barack Obama for re-election. In the 2008 race, they spent more than $25 million supporting him, according to, the campaign finance tracking arm of the Center for Responsive Politics.

Notably, when Clinton and then-Sen. Obama were vying for the Democratic nomination, the 1.6 million-member American Federation of Teachers endorsed Clinton while the NEA held out until Obama had essentially locked down the nomination.

Potentially even more important than the unions' coffers, however, are their millions of members, who can be mobilized for voter registration drives, phone banks, canvassing neighborhoods, door-to-door member education campaigns and more.

BOTTOM LINE: Puppies likely do not enjoy being shown their own mess in the house, and then shown the door, outdoors; but they learn. It's not the easiest most direct thing for them, but they learn. Civility in an environment means something beyond my ox not being gored ends discussion, other oxen are others' responsibility.

Civility is more inclusive, consensus building by the very meaning of "consensus" is also inclusive. Unions at heart represent laborers, and laborers at below fifteen bucks an hour should be a concern of every single right-hearted union member and member of the Democratic Party. A core value, not an ornament on the sleeve.

All labor interests are my labor interests can win. Less failed Nov. 2016.

Teachers, shown their mess should be the equal of a pup. To encourage learning-throughout-life experiences, there is this:

image from CNN report, here

Look at that image. Poor tiny Liberty, back in the shadows, torch unlit.

Well, LEARN! Justice Democrats has a platform, and is open to learners, open to all really, as well as to those exploited at under fifteen bucks an hour. First step, read it. Second step, think it over. Third step, contribute or stand for office, politics being local. Justice Democrats are recruiting office seekers who are dedicated to their clearly people motivated, people-first, platform planks.

In closing, Tom Perez is the Podesta poster child. More of the same. Eight years of Trump. Ellison is opportunity.

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