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Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Tim "tamp down the people" Miller is poster child of complacency and disrespect.

The Republican HD 17A incumbent touts out his bill in the hopper to tamp down protesters; without even the decency toward readers to give a bill number. What's his aim? Propaganda, but don't read my bill. What the propaganda says is enough for you regular folks. Enjoy your Tea.

 A lesson in how to disrespect the intelligence of a constituency.

UPDATE: The blighter is not even touting his own bill. Somebody else is chief author. He's coat-tailing because it's easier than being some kind of leader. That's why he gives no bill number. That, and possibly he's ashamed of a listing of his chief author and co-sponsors.

Get a little "me too" mileage without having to get behind the mule in the morning and plow? Others can power lift. Tim can co-sponsor.

FURTHER: To get a grasp on the heart and mind of Tim Miller; his bill; chief author; HF 332; stating in part:

(a) By May 1, 2017, the commissioner of natural resources must work out an agreement with the city of Fairfax that allows the city to lease and operate the golf course at Fort Ridgely State Park. [...]

(b) (b) The agreement must allow the city to lease the golf course for 12 months and renew the lease annually for at least ten years. The rental fee must not exceed eight percent of the total green fees received, excluding golf-cart rental fees. The commissioner must ensure that the golf course has a playable surface when the lease begins and the city of Fairfax must ensure the golf course has a playable surface should the lease expire.

(c) Admission to property leased under this section is exempt from state park permit fees required under Minnesota Statutes, chapter 85.

[italic emphasis added] That's Tim Miller in a nutshell. Let my locals run my favorite golf course; shift only 8% of the cost to the locals (thus having 92% carried by taxpayers statewide; they can handle it - for the next ten years no less); and make sure in any event the course is kept up and "playable" for us golf enthusiasts. You pay, we play.

Great idea Tim. Super. How do you figure on topping that? Amend it, cut the 8% to 1% so the statewide 99% of the citizenry carry your golf clubs? What? Why not -- It is clearly what the Tea Party wants; reform, yes, but importantly, Tim having golfing assurances.

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