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Tuesday, February 28, 2017


While the parameters of system improvement to be expected from Trumpcare are in planning and yet to be specified, one thing is certain.

A president who ran successfully on touting his negotiating skills will prove capable of bending down the cost curve so that there will be more bang for the buck. More people covered, with better coverage, at lower costs; and the 2018 election will be either a mandate or critique of Trumpcare, which by that time will be fully implemented with Trump's party in control of all three branches of the federal government.

After Trump campaign criticizing dumb deals out of the Obama administration, often voiced by the candidate himself, criticizing repeatedly and at length but without equal specificity.

Despite awaiting details, what else should we anticipate from Trumpcare beyond great, impressive improvement in transitioning from Obamacare to Trumpcare?

Better for all is better for Trump. Regardless of boosting the defense spending as Trump proposed, we should expect net savings while getting better service; or else "negotiating skill" will have failed as just another election cycle lie.

But from Trump, we do not expect lies, we expect peak-power negotiation with all the healthcare players getting their Trump negotiation experience whether it hurts their pride or finances.

It will be Trump at the best of his true negotiation powers; where less than much better would be a disappointment.

Trumpcare will be the Trump administration's defining achievement.

One way or the other.

We can barely wait to see details. The details of the negotiation moving every corner of the healthcare provisioning industry to give more, for less.

Perhaps in anticipation of detail to emerge we should look to the Russian ways and means of healthcare provisioning. Effectiveness and costs. How Putin gets bang for the buck. Has anyone in the press yet looked that way? It could be a WWPD thing, in Trump's place, What Would Putin Do?

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