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Sunday, February 26, 2017

The DNC. As it has been it shall be.

Lobbyist money, fine. Big donor money, fine. Wall Street friendships, fine. Beltway centric, fine. Consultacies on the take. Give them a share.

To the extent I can afford to give it will be to individual candidates.

I will not contribute to any party organ, especially one that rebates money in any amount to the DNC.

Corporatist centric before. Corporatist centric in the future.

The people have no party. A majority of 447 individuals determined that. Full of themselves, their loyalties, their way.

If there is an alternative, I shall endorse and contribute.

At this point the hope is for Justice Democrats and Our Revolution. Keith Ellison shall be remaining in the House, in its Progressive Caucus. He will have a titie at DNC. For show. He will not be a belonging person in what it pretends, now on, but he made no big fuss.

Bernie, you have your contributor list. Bernie, please hold it tightly, as yours. You earned it against those now wanting it. They scorned. It is your turn to scorn.

Scorn for Progress. It could be a slogan, better than Stronger Together, which was a big baggage truck.

Podesta smiles. DWS builds more Congressional seniority; continues getting her regular paycheck. Does as told.

Made of plastic. On sale, Nationwide.
447 distinct models.
Your kids will love them. Durable. Lasting. 

Other online reports might detail thinking/actions on the second vote which went for Perez; but this, from The Hill, states mid-item:

The campaigns were supposed to get lists of candidates everyone had voted, for but the DNC had to abandon its digital voting tools over fears the Wi-Fi would give out.

They would go to the back-up plan of hand-counting paper ballots instead. That meant there wouldn’t be a master list of who voted for who.

“Total chaos,” one Democrat fumed.

Still, the campaigns had their own lists of people they thought might be susceptible to flipping.

On the Perez side, South Carolina Democratic chairman Jaime Harrison, Texas Democratic chairman Gilberto Hinojosa and DNC finance chairman Henry Muñoz III went to work whipping.

The Perez campaign was thrilled to have Harrison drop out of the race and join their side on Thursday, believing he brought at least a dozen votes.

They think Muñoz might have put them over the top. The finance chairman, who spends his weeks jetting across the country and raising millions of dollars from wealthy donors and celebrities from Miami to San Francisco, is among the most connected people at the DNC.

The opportunity presents itself, hard to turn down especially for this bunch, so - that final paragraph is "the money paragraph."

Well, should we call it progress and reform, to switch from electronically recorded ballot methods, naming names, to a paper secret ballot, first round of voting to second? Call it what you think best.

With Perez from Buffalo, or the Buffalo area, is Joe Crangle, Boss Crangle, still alive and active? This item reads a bit like a retrospective obit. Is Perez a Crangle protoge? A Crangle Democrat? Reader help via a comment and link would be appreciated.

Is Perez gaining DNC head honcho status to be a novel plot; The Revenge of Joe Crangle? A revenge of Crangle ways and means within his party? Not a continuance?

____________FURTHER UPDATE____________
Less focused on ins and outs of the voting process, noting instead outcome after the decisive vote-count, (Munoz of San Antonio unmentioned for example), carried an AP feed on the fallout, viewpoints, and likely consequences of Perez winning by a narrow margin, with extensive linking, here. Readers may find it an interesting report, quickly after the fact, but time is needed to see if Perez can bridge a sea of distrust, from his corporatist-beltway background where money for influence has been the rule during and after the Bill Clinton presidency. Unlikely is the best immediate guess, with the auxiliary question, does the man despite his words really want CHANGE? Believe what you see. Not today's words. There is time to tell. HOPE and CHANGE have had their sloganeering day, cynically so, and there is to be either movement or stagnation.

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