consultants are sandburs

Monday, February 27, 2017

"As a result of the vacuum left by Clinton’s defeat, many more Democrats than usual are taking a look at running, calling media consultants, political strategists, and organizing operatives around Washington to sound out ideas for what a campaign starting in just over two years might look like. The early behind-closed-doors moves to court the relatively small group of top-level, battle-tested campaign operatives reflect the widely-held belief that the primary field is likely to be larger than any other in years."


The headline is a mid item paragraph from Politico, here.

Politico is inside the beltway and thinks accordingly. Those savants it deems essential are the same ones Clinton had; unable to make a silk purse of a sow's ear. So, clearly, try them again since it was not at all their fault; just, well, you know, . . .

Justice Democrats, hopefully, will find an ideal 2020 candidate to back, and there will be a host of people, hopefully, to get in line and push for the better person among hopefuls. The more, the merrier, as to entrants into the fray since Justice Democrats will only be backing only one.

And there is the chance for a breakthrough on the glass ceiling; Elizabeth Warren as the first female U.S. of A. head of state; one deserving to be the breakthrough person. High quality is best.

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