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Thursday, February 02, 2017

Someone's wife and mother is dead because someone else, with a record, was still at large and behind a steering wheel.

Strib reports:

Couch's record shows convictions for burglary, fleeing a police officer, drug possession, assault, domestic assault, domestic abuse, violating a no-contact order and two driving-while-intoxicated charges, according to court records. Couch also was taken to North Memorial.

Couch crossed a road centerline and head-on crashed the victim's auto, also threatening the life of a passenger in his auto.

Who'd be a passenger with such an individual? Why was he on a road behind a wheel? That's what prisons are for. Dangerous people.

Are forfeiture laws skewing who gets hit hard, and who is not worth the effort? This guy WAS worth the effort on one level, surely so, but if there was no high-value forfeiture opportunity in his resume, was that a factor? This is one the Attorney General should investigate, given that the state's top lawyer should not ignore criminal justice POLICY questions.

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