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Thursday, November 22, 2012

What's the hustle going on here? It sure looks like coalition building, whatever for? No Zellers. No Dean. No Sutton. No Bachmann. No Senjum. No Stebbins. No Kiffmeyer. No Paulsen. No Quist.

It has the look and feel of a Franken hate-in to me. A let's plan on bushwhacking Al, along with a very clear "I'm available" from Hegseth. It does say "Additional Guests Pending," but I still doubt Quist will be one.

No Rep. Paulsen, and that's strange, since he might be available too.

All those who hid from really honestly wanting to take on a run against Amy Klobucher likely will be available. Bills looks surprisingly well, for having been thrown under the bus. These guests should be thankful he stepped up to the task of going under the bus. He should be invited. But wait, no Stebbins, no Bills, with the agenda being the future of the Republican efforts.

Shouldn't it be a Coalition of the Willing? The available. For Freedom [as I expect Stebbins and Bills are].

Hegseth, through his other coalition building, proclaims "We need warriors in Washington."

Do you suppose he has any particular warrior person in mind, now, for Washington? Iraq and Afghan veterans, his focus. As in having an epiphany on the road to Baghdad, a road he knows.

An ambitious man can only abide for so long. Then he gets antsy.

And --- Oh, my. Wizard Hegseth behind the curtain. No secret there. No Toto needed to pull aside the curtain. If Col. Kline still had the football, I bet he'd let Pete carry it for a while. For a photo-op if not longer. For a flag-waving on YouTube, an "I took a handoff of the football from Col. Klink" 3.6 min clip. Implying nobody ever trusted handing the football off to that Franken guy ...

Is there a big enough flag to wrap the Hegseth ego in? I guess it's go to the party and find out.

This link.

The name on that list that was new to me, Brandon Sawalich -President, Freedom Club.

Well, start here. Same story, different online sources; here, here.

Oh, THAT Brandon Sawalich ---

"A house divided against itself cannot stand," here.

PAC Man. Here.

PAC Man No.2; here.

If a house divided cannot stand, why not guest Quist, why not guest Stebbins - or is this part of somebody's housecleaning dreams and schemes?

Our house, is a very, very nice house ... with tabs on all the cars, we don't hang out at bars, ...

No Emmer guest, yet. No Buesgens guest, yet. No Fitzsimmons guest, yet.

Will Marty Siefert be a no-house-divided Hegseth guest?

We await the guest list filling out ...

_________FURTHER UPDATE__________
This Freedom Club.

Bill Cooper and Ron Eibensteiner may be Hegseth guests. They are Freedom PACers.

_________FURTHER UPDATE_________
One sensible moderate, unlikely to be an invited guest.

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