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Thursday, November 01, 2012

An error. Nobody gave me notice. Self discovered, this correction. Then, Cincinnati.

On searching online district court dockets, James F. Winkels as a civil party, there were some cases with large judgments entered without any sign of their being paid down; e.g.,

No. 02-CV-10-6435, Anoka County, Judgment against multiple parties, Winkels included, in the amount of $3,852,751.76

No. 02-CV-10-6433, Anoka County, Judgment against multiple parties, Winkels included, in the amount of $1,737,819.81

Only today I noticed I could search outstanding judgments separately, and doing so for James Winkels yielded only

Without knowing system reliability, but presuming it reliable, the upshot appears that for some cause or reason judgments in large amounts happen and are entered, but that all that is listed for unsatisfied judgments is a five-figure amount of a six figure judgment.

Without taking time to track down court files, I conclude the man has gravitas, that somehow the multiple party judgments were cleared/lost, whatever. But only one shows for James Winkels, independent of middle initial.

The error was in this post.

The search of litigation showed much dispute reaching the courts, but appearing to not be any longer of consequence.

The question of signing an earnest money contract as "partner" of an LLC remains.

The question of the name of the LLC, and the web search finding such an LLC owning rental property in Cincinnati remains; how does an Ohio city relate to Town Center and promises of a gas station there. Such as that's worth, as a big deal.

Now, Flaherty has activity in Cincinnati; this link.

A affiliate of Indianapolis-based Flaherty & Collins recently acquired 11 acres of the former Cincinnati Milacron site in Oakley for $3.8 million.

It’s the second transfer of property in recent weeks at the Oakley Station mixed-use project. It comes two weeks after Reece-Campbell Inc. and Hi-Mark Construction Group. began construction on a 14-screen Cinemark movie theater.

Oakley FC LLC, which lists Flaherty & Collins’ Indianapolis address, bought the newly created parcel on Oct. 19 from USS Realty, according to the Hamilton County auditor’s website.

Flaherty & Collins previously said it plans to build seven apartment buildings with 302 units at Oakley Station. The apartments will be located on the southwest portion of the larger development site, which occupies 74 acres bounded by Disney, Marburg and Forrer streets, with Cast-Fab Technologies Inc. to the west along Interstate 71.

Oakley Station is being developed by VanderCar Holdings as the second phase of its adjacent Center of Cincinnati retail complex.

Construction began last week, and tenant occupancy is expected in July 2013, said Jim Crossin, vice president of development at Flaherty & Collins. The units will feature granite countertops, balconies, washers and dryers, and oversize windows, he said. An 8,000-square-foot residents' facility will include a fitness center, club room and aqua lounge with wireless throughout, he said.

Sound familiar? Well, from reporting, which could be incomplete on source of money, the appearance is Flaherty's using $3.8 million of his own money with what must be a sophisticated counterparty; whereas he's using our own city money to bootstrap his way into the rental by the rails adventure here; with the counterparty here such as it is and as it is advised. Private sector seems to be able to get better reasonableness from Flaherty than public sector, here, Orland Park.

With reporting scant, there may be several devils in other peoples' details.

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