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Saturday, November 17, 2012

To the victor go all the spoils. Minnesota legislative committee chair appointees.

The Daily, here. Minn Post, here and here.

For not understanding the spoils system now as well as when they were in power, Republican dyspepsia reported, here.

Money quote from the last item:

Current Agriculture Committee Chairman Rod Hamilton, R-Mountain Lake, was not happy with the key lawmaker in ag finance coming from Minneapolis.

Rep. Jean Wagenius will lead a committee dealing with environment, natural resources and agriculture funding. Hamilton noted that she is from Minneapolis, along with the incoming speaker, with the majority leader from St. Paul. “Seriously?” he asked in a tweet.

As to city folks heading agriculture decision making, where is Cargill headquartered?

In Minnesota's house, the Transportation Policy Committee will be chaired by Rep. Ron Erhardt.

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