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Wednesday, November 07, 2012

CITY OF RAMSEY -- History happens. Congratulations to the first female mayor of our town.

A general expectation is an orderly two final months of the present council's control, everyone taking the high road, and greater things in January.

While nobody can alone and instantaneously make the national and local economies better, patience should prevail among officials and voters. A fault of the consultancy-related hubris, besides not delivering, was impatience. Too much given away too quickly based on the now disproven premises that ignoring the trend and believing that throwing large amounts of money at questionable patches and fixes could work. It failed. Back to square one.

Having our first woman mayor is precedent setting. We all should wish her success. And with that done, the next female office seekers in Ramsey should feel more upbeat about chances and likelihoods. We grow, as a community.

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Riley said...

It's about time!

eric zaetsch said...

Riley -- At a guess, I would say this revises and extends your commment.