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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Three recent Digby links. The first does not impact my favorite landlord, David Flaherty, because his "product" is niched differently.

It there is such a verb as "niched." If not, you know what I mean.

Digby, here, on having to pay to stay.

Here, on basic decency.

"Fiscal cliff," here.


Somthing different: Wikipedia, here, Stephen Hemsley. Here, Josef Mengele.

This link.

Yes, the one guy had a worse track record than the other has, but people die from policy choices, and making money off of coverage conflicts, denials of coverage, rescissions, all that, has a dimension to it that I find distasteful, one that single payer would reform. Surely, single payer could not cover every potential procedure, some on a cost/benefit balance would be too great and that is where private carriers could offer extended coverage options, but single payer would level inequalities existing now that are galling.

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