consultants are sandburs

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

RAMSEY - Post election decision making.

Sakry of ABC Newspapers fully reports council detail about our town's decision on a study grant for a possible recycling center, this link.

Sandburs? Earmarking? A leaf raking grant for the ultra-big, possibly ultra-connected advisory experts?

Ultra-expensive, if long term relations develop?

Readers can google the two firms under consideration. Information is online. A chance for a county financed trial-run with a different and as yet untried in Ramsey engineering and consulting firm, good perhaps for making future decisions?

Is either company also a transportation and land development consultant, and should that matter?

Relatively small initial grants can grow larger consultancy relationships; the camel's nose under the tent being an old saying. Ramsey has seen precedents.

Those two firms seem the kind that might consult on water treatment plant design and construction.

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