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Monday, November 12, 2012

Advice to Republicans (probably too stubborn to take it). Be very careful what you wish for or believe in, in light of stated goals.

That is Andy from Residual Forces, shaking hands with a loser in a photo Andy posted, but nonetheless Andy has a stated goal, "It doesn’t matter how much you agree with the candidate if the candidate can’t win. You have to be able to win, that doesn’t mean you change what he says or believes, but you have to understand that winning isn’t just a message."

Also, "The Republican Party does have some hard decisions to make coming up. How big should the tent be, do you tolerate destroyers for the sake of unity, do you have that candid conversation with social conservatives, do we need to finally address the platform reforms because the public has no clue what we really stand for, and what is it that we really stand for?"

The Republicans, of course, can stand with Paul Ryan or look elsewhere, it is their choice and it is not any party, from what I know of it in Minnesota and nationwide, that I would ever think to embrace.

Certainly not the Paul Ryan austerity for its own sake, people have to suffer to sing the blues, part of that cobbled together madhouse.

Kurt Cobain would have words for Paul Ryan, were he still alive and reading that Ryan feels passionate toward Nirvana. Perhaps Ryan could contact Courtney Love, and sound out that situation. My guess would be Courtney Love would not mince words. And Paul Ryan would learn a few new ones.

The headline and post, "Let's pick the important fights," seems belligerent in tone and less promising for ending gridlock than would a headline, "Let's see what can be hammered out from the minority in Minnesota, while realizing elections have consequences."

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