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Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Nothing is without being bittersweet at election time.

Both Perovich brothers lost, each to a lesser person.

Seeing Allison Lister lose was saddening. Seeing Obama win, but his having to deal with a continuing polarized legislative situation was clearly bittersweet.

[UPDATE: I was presuming local results reflected something now reported to not be so; this paragraph is in error; but the DFL legislative majorities now have to deliver!] Seeing what Dayton faces not improving enough, Jim Carlson winning his seat back however, must be saddening to Dayton, as well as to all those who are still happy with his having defeated Emmer so that we, despite Bachmann, would not be the laughing stock state Wisconsin is [with an encouraging U.S. Senate race there, however].

Dayton opted for Wilfare, and had a bipartisan entourage to bring it about.

However, if "tax the rich" becomes real instead of a campaign slogan, Dayton will deserve a second term - and if he fights the true and good fight for it, that would merit the second term. With the likes of Tom Emmer as what the GOP offers us, there is no real choice.

City of Ramsey must now face what it is to do about Town Center.

That was the identical problem faced by the two defeated incumbents when they came into office, and tried pushing on a rope as if it were sensible. Armstrong will be redone over the next two years. The Sunwood reroute is done and has to be lived with.

I would hope the new council in January would heavily investigate whether McDonalds is real and not a falsified hope, ditto for Super America, and even if those are real and delivered by much cash flow to a consultancy, it's not great. It might be better if it's not real, if there exist grounds to consider what possible fiduciary or other contract duty may have been breached - so that the heavy weight put upon future councils by the present consultancy dealing might possibly be lessened.

Those things are to be resolved in the future.

At least the election is over. Time for victors to govern, hopefully wisely.

I sure do not like the co-ownership of an airplane by Matt Look and Darren Lazan, both having ties to Jungbauer who used to hold title to the aircraft and who (according to onllne district court records, No. 02-CV-11-5919) has a judgment balance of around $4800 outstanding which, were he still in ownership of the aircraft, could be executed against it. Ms. Carol Mayer of the Mayer Law Office, LLC, as a Minnesota lawyer, surely knows more than I do, as a non-lawyer; including the law under Minn. Stat. Sect. 513.08, et seq.

As I understand things Ms. Mayer has post judgment discovery rights, and for that small an amount she has to both know questions to ask, and whether it's worth doing.

Cronyism should never be tolerated in government, which is aside and apart from any question of debt between individuals. One has to hope that new people on council in Ramsey will have learned a lesson, and that the Charter might be tightened in terms of conflict of interest, where clarity is needed.

Again, the Lister defeat is the hardest to me. Many may feel the Erhart defeat is a more major thing, I would agree it is similar to Oberstar being unseated, but Allison Lister would have made an excellent independent and cronyism-free county board person, and that is why to me her defeat hurts. If elected, she would have been more like Dennis Berg than the incumbent.

McCaskill in Missouri. Warren in Massachusetts.

Dick Nolan in Minnesota's CD8.

Close on a high note. Some sweet, in the bittersweet.

Here is one result, online here, that to me is very galling:

My hope was that rat would have lost coming and going, and be retired to the private sector family contracting business, where his mischief against the good of the nation would be less than it will prove to be over the next two years.

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