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Monday, November 12, 2012

STRIB - "Editorial: DFL needs GOP on state bonding". So who are the "conciliatory" bipartisan Republicans? Are there any? Or is it look for the ones with their hands out, for their home districts? Locale over Reason?

Read Strib, here. Then weigh the headline questions, and guess, and wait and see.

A corollary question. What DFL legislators might scuttle good sense, in their own way?

BIG, BIG, BIG question: Will the Iron Rangers push through irresponsible sulfide mining, with compliant GOP confederates? Will Dayton be environmentally consciencious?

If there is to be mining, it has to be with assurances and so far there have been none, only politicking. Jobs on the Iron Range are not the first and only aim of the State of Minnesota and all its citizens, wherever they may be. Some have to keep being reminded of that, and it should not have to be so.

Strib again, here. Who is Kurt Daudt, the newly elected Minnesota House leader, and how will he lead similar to or different from Zellers? Hann, in the Senate is likely problematic, especially on healthcare where his job is within the medical-insurance-industrial complex, so will Daudt be less or more of a foot dragger? He does not list healthcare as an "issue," while cataloging the litany of GOP biases on his website. More of the same? In the minority?

Search for "daudt" here, is promising, in a small way, given this voting record. If not an ALEC member, it appears Daudt is a lockstep fellow-traveler.

_________FURTHER UPDATE_________
Elk River Star News, here, has Daudt responding, "Occupation: Self employed, consultant." Isn't that a worry it might end up like Hann trying to pull the wool over our eyes about who feeds him and family? Who does Daudt consult with/for? Whose hand feeds him? Does any reader know, and if so, please leave a comment to the post.

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